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The Chatbot Factory

We develop a business oriented platform to automate your customer service thru conversation.
With our AI technology, you can build, monitor and enrich a smart virtual agent, without technical skills.
We created a training-less AI that will help you understand your customers’ requests and provide accurate answers without delay.
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Launched in September 2013, CopSonic is developing and marketing a technology which allows communication between electronic devices based on ultrasounds as a way to interact or transmit data.
The CopSonic technology is a new universal contactless communication protocol for digital security, smart detection and IoT connectivity.
This patented technology is distributed as a Software Development Kit and some white labelled applications as to allow B2B partners to activate this new communication channel within their existing vertical activities and environments. Secure, user-friendly and universal, ultrasounds are a perfect complement or alternative to regular technologies and solutions such as NFC, Bluetooth or QR Codes.
With no further hardware modification, the solution is already compatible with the billions of smart devices existing worldwide: feature phones, smartphones, tablets, TV-box, computers, vocal assistants, game consoles, Internet of Things…
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Lemon Way

Lemon Way is a pan-European FinTech dedicated to marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, e-commerce websites and other companies looking for payment processing, wallet management and third-party payment in a KYC/AML - regulated framework. Lemon Way obtained its payment institution licence at the end of 2012 and benefits from the " EU financial passport" in 29 countries.
The company employs 70 people from 14 different nationalities based in Paris (HQ), London, Madrid, Milano.
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Monitoring & smart routing solution for payments.
ProcessOut helps merchant build, scale, monitor and optimize their payment infrastructure.
ProcessOut helps merchant optimize fees and reduce failed transactions by leveraging their PSPs.
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Silkpay is a Paris based Fintech startup connecting European businesses to Chinese consumers by offering mobile payment solutions (Alipay and Wechat pay) and digital marketing services.
Silkpay currently has merchants in 11 countries across Europe and can settle in a number of local currencies.
Silkpay provides solutions tailored to both instore and online payment.
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SmartKeyword is a simple yet technologically powerful online Search Engine Optimization tool combined with support from our experts designed to give control back to digital marketers of their strategy.
Our solution is a new concept on the market : an online SEO tool combined with a dedicated coach to guide and “teach” clients on how to devise and implement their SEO strategy themselves, with the objective for them to become autonomous within 12 month and use the online tool for their SEO actions.
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The Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point Of Sale (EFTPOS), the network built by credit card companies in the early 80s, has completely revolutionized the way we do payments. Yet, almost 4 decades later there is still no efficient way to transfer data seamlessly between retailers and customers at the cash register. Items was created because the digital age requires an equivalent network for the Data Transfer at the Point Of Sale (DTPOS).
Items is a platform that connects retailers’ POS with banks. We match every receipt captured on the retailer side with the corresponding banking transaction in real-time and deliver them directly in customers banking applications.
Items also allows retailers to configure loyalty programs per consumer segment and automatically link them to their bank account. We are the only solution on the market capable of deploying SKU-level offers directly in applications customers already use to manage their expenses and to redeem them automatically via cash-back.
Items’ platform offers customers the ultimate user experience: By simply paying with their bank card at a partner retailer, they get digital receipts, offers and loyalty directly in their banking application.
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McLEAR is the the inventor of the Smart Ring, and a leading wearable technology company for payments, security, and fashion. The company was founded in 2012 in the UK, released NFC Ring® to the world in mid-2013 – kick-starting the entire smart ring space, and now supplies smart payment rings globally under the McLEAR brand.
Our innovative approach made it possible for a fashionable ring to provide access control, and now make contactless payments with the minor motion of a hand.
So there’s no need to carry money when you go out for a jog in the morning, no need to reach for your wallet or phone when tackling payments in public transport. Just raise your hand, tap your ring and away you go.
The McLEAR smart ring is certified by both Visa and mastercard, and works in partnership with multiple global partners and other financial and technological institutions.
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Since 2015, Teekers SAS has built the next step of e-commerce : local, sustainable, efficient and reliable. We are working to produce a new type of marketplace, sharing retails datas available around consumers. We plug Teekers with realtime retailers’s stocks, with using the application (available on stores) or our website, consumer can look for everything about shopping or consumption experience ; shoes, high-tech, restaurants, brands... We apply a geosearch model to bring the most interesting shopping experience to the user, closely with retailers around them. Users can pay directly on their app and choose the more suitable delivery : click & collect, fast delivery (in one hour) , tomorrow delivery before eleven in the morning.
Teekers isn’t just the X marketplace, it’s a real mindset structured company built on robust fondations to promote a new model of e-commerce. More local, by creating the first geosearch model applying in global retail market. More responsible, by reducing CO2 and greenhouse gases emission. More efficient, by improving users shopping experience and optimizing the full chain of value before, during and after a shopping journey. Teekers is growing as a new reference, with mixing up the best of both e-commerce and physical retail.
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